A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Dear Friends and Family,

I would like to share with you a new endeavor. A dream I have had my entire life, that seems to be manifesting before my eyes. First, I will say I knew from an early age that Happiness (for me) came from a life of simplicity and service. Although, I do not live to that standard perfectly, it is a principle I try to practice. With that said, I will tell you through some life circumstances and changes I have also tried to live as if I have “won the lottery” but, on a minuscule scale. I “work” doing what I love and now have embarked on a journey that will represent my idea of Gadhi’s famous quote “be the change you want the world to be” so, with that, here is what I have done and am doing.

I have purchased a house that will be used for refugee resettlement. It is a work in progress to say the least. I love the idea of investing in real estate but this is more than that. I feel compelled to help my brothers and sisters where all hope is lost. There are those in the US that are born way behind the starting gate, have little hope, massive struggles (that is phase two) but, in my heart I feel a push to help those who have no hope, nothing. Since the moment this decision was made it has manifested itself. When I may have doubt or fear about what I was doing, the fear/doubt was quickly extinguished by those I have met on this journey. The amazing gentleman I purchased the house from turned out to be an immigrant from Uganda. He  came here as a young student and is now a Ph.D. researching DNA sequencing. To me, he is the synopsis of the American Dream. When we welcome our worlds most needy into this dream and opportunity, most times, they change lives in turn. Because I was taught through example that everyone deserves a new beginning, a second chance, opportunity and hope, the house is dedicated to Dad, “The Jim White New Beginnings Hope House”. The Great Man, served his Family and Community, gave hope and opportunity to so many, and gave 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances.

I have also been awarded and purchased the land around the house that will be used for phase two. A space for tangible solutions to what are pressing problems in the community- food insecurity, inequality, hopelessness, education, unheard voices (art-written, sculpted and painted) and community engagement. It is called “The Barbara Robbinnett-Moss Community Garden and Art Park”. She, besides Mom, was my greatest female teacher on how to live.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you and that it may also encourage you help, and inspire you to follow your passions. Great and small. Aunt Sister Dennis has devoted her life to service and she said one time her life style allows her to do certain things because she doesn’t have a “family”, but regardless of life circumstances we all can participate in good service around us. I think of Aunt Paula and her commitment to our homeless brothers and sisters. I invite you to participate in this, my passion and or examine your passions and ask “how can I nurture this, how ever small”, just start.

I, with others are working hard on this endeavor and if you would like more information on how you may might help, in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will soon launch a media campaign that will share this journey and the progress of this project.

Love to you all,



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